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Conceptualised in the year 2013 in Dubai, we opened the First Robotics Development Park and Demo Centre in Dubai and entire MENA region.

We have been awarded the Official Systems Partner for KUKA Robotics for the Middle East and Africa Certification.

KUKA is the world’s leading manufacturer of Robots. It is a German company with Offices and Systems Partners across the Globe.

We, at DGWorld, Program, Conceptulaize, Customise & Integrate as per our client’s requirement. Our team of Engineers are trained by KUKA to handle all kinds of Automation processes. We offer a complete Turn-key Solution for all our clients. Right from Planning to Implementation

DGWorld has built up a solid client base within the UAE, MENA region and South East Asia, where we have delivered customised Robots projects.

We work together with our clients and aiming to come up with the most effective and cost competitive solution. Our solutions are integrated in range of industries Aviation, Construction, Entertainment, Health Care, Logistics, Manufacturing, Military, Oil & Gas and GO services.

We have been recognised by the various Government Institutions in UAE and are their approved Technology supply partners.

DGWorld rising awareness in the Region about Automation using Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles and AI. We have participated in over 30 exhibitions in the past few years in Dubai, the GCC Region, Europe, South Asia and East Asia.

Some of the prominent ones are The Government Summit, Innovation Week, The Big 5, GITEX Technology Week, Dubai Air Show, Blockchain Summit, GESS (Gulf Education Show), IDEX, UMEX, Middle East Stone Show, Robotics for Good Awards, TOC Europe, TOC Asia…to name a few.

At DGWorld we would like to work with the Vision of His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Strong Leadership at the top creates a challenging and healthy work environment. We are fortunate, as a company based in Dubai, to have such a dynamic leader.


Implementing Robotics Solutions and making industrial processes smarter and more advanced is the main goal of DGWorld

The Company provides solutions to its customers for the purpose of increasing production safety factors, and to create the perfect Balance between reducing manpower and increasing production, but also on another creative sector such as Education, Transportation, media industries and Robots in Public Sectors.

DGWorld’ Background is all about Automation and providing Smart solutions.

Our Journey in the market started by supplying the market with 5 axis's machines (CNC) to upgrade the Construction, Decoration, Printing businesses.

Our Role was to do all the Automation, Services , Programming, Maintenance to the machines, and as per the big demand in the market for more advanced applications we came up with the partnership strategy with KUKA To be their official system partner in the MENA.

Our Business Activities Focus on providing applicable solutions/applications using AI Technologies to all MARKET SEGMENTS ,such as Airports, Seaports, Universities, Private sector and more.

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